The 3C resource page contains the most current documents for the upcoming 3c event. You can review the documents online, download and if needed print.  All documents are offered in PDF format.

About Combat Casualty Care 3C: Why & How

The Operational Medicine Committee would like to “explain” how the 3C competition is built every year and how scoring is performed.  Please review the “ABOUT COMBAT CASUALTY CARE (3C): WHY & HOW” link below

Printing instructions

Documents are grouped by Topic, Language and printing Format.

CIOMR offers 3 Document printing formats (if available) some assembly required.

Instructions for printing and assembling:


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3C Manual - Combat Casualty Care Manual
  • 3C Manual – Combat Casualty Care Manual (Field First Aid)
  • Current version = v3.2
3C Summary
  • Current version = v3
3C Flowcharts
  • Current version = 2013
  • Standard NATO 9 Line request
  • Current version = v1.5
Aide Memoire for Medical Personnel
  • This booklet has been updated in accordance with the latest BATLS and TCCC data. It is aimed at military medical personnel, and is not to be used in preparation for the Combat Casualty Care (3C) Competition. For that purpose you are referred to the CIOMR Publication “Combat Casualty Care Manual”
  • Current version = v1.3

under revision

CBRN for Military and Medical Personnel
  • Current version = Last v1.1

under revision

3C Educational Tool

Every year CIOMR runs a Combat Casualty Care (3C) Competition, testing Self Aid / Buddy Aid skills. For this purpose CIOMR has developed a standard, “Combat Casualty Care manual”, together with Flow Charts and a Summary (downloadable from this page). These documents are reviewed every 6 months and updated when necessary. They describe what is generally accepted in military medical care, following JSP 570 (UK) and TCCC Guidelines (US).

CIOMR offers an educational tool that “talks you through” the process of delivering combat casualty care, with videos showing essential techniques. The tool will help you prepare for the 3C Competition, but more importantly, it will help you acquire the skills for delivering high quality Self Aid / Buddy Aid in the field

The educational tool is offered in two formats. MS PowerPoint and a Movie file.

Due to normal computer and web security the MS PowerPoint file could display errors or show security warnings. To reduce these errors or warnings download the file to a computer and view.

To further avoid these issues CIOMR also offers the educational tool in movie format .wav file.


Educational Tool 

(FILE: MS PowerPoint)

Educational Tool 

(FILE: movie file .wav)