30 Mar 2007

  1. The committee will consist of not less than three nor more than five members, nominated by the President and appointed upon their “agreement to serve”, from delegates and alternate delegates of member delegations in good standing.
    Members shall serve for a two year period with at least one member being appointed every year.
    All appointed members must be approved by the EC. The chairperson, vice Chairperson and Secretary will be appointed by the committee for one year at the close of committee business at each annual congress meeting. Within the two year time comittment for committee service, no member can hold the chair for succeeding years. A quorum will require a simple majority of the membership.
  2. The committee will meet twice a year:
    1. During the Summer meeting to audit:
      the accounting ledgers covering the past year including both monies and inventory and prepare an audit report for presentation at that years EC meeting. The current treasurer will be present at the meeting to explain their accounting procedures and answer any questions from the committee. If there is a problem with the audit report it must be presented to the Board before going to the EC.
    2. During the Midwinter meeting to review:
      The current years accounting ledgers and compare them against the current budget, and make recommendations, if necessary, for changes in the current budget to the Board. If changes are needed the board must have them approved by the EC.


  1. Request budget needs from all committees and the board on or before the first day of the Midwinter meeting.
  2. prepare a budget for review by the Board on or before its first meeting at the Summer meeting. The budget presented shall insure that the treasury will maintain a reserve of not less than 150% of the current budget at the end of the budgetary year.
  3. be limited on exceeding budget expenses by no more than 10% of any budget item. However, the EC by a vote of two thirds either at a meeting or by electronic means may vote to exceed the budget for especially time sensitive expenses as determined by a majority of the board.
  4. report to the Board all delinquent dues payments by member organizations at the Midwinter meeting.
  5. keep complete accounts of all transactions and inventory. A current report of such accounts, in writing, will be presented to the Board and EC at both the Midwinter and Summer meetings.
  6. Report all donations to the board for approval, and advise the Board on all restricted donations. Upon direction of the Board, the Treasurer shall correspond with the donor as to any concerns the Board may have with regards to a restriction placed upon any donation.

EC 31/07/04



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