By-laws 2004
as adopted in the Executive Committee in Vienna July 31st, 2004

The Scientific Committee (SC) of the CIOMR is a working group within the Confederation. It is in charge of international exchanges based on scientific works as well as medical and military communication.

The aim is to share current data concerning the different health services of NATO member countries.
The activity of the Committee must lead todialogue that will result inthe organisation of conferences based on common interests as well as the printing of written military medical and scientific documents.
The Committee draws up the agenda of the summer and winter scientific meetings.
It could do different scientific tasks as determined by the board.


  • Members:
    The SC consists of representatives from all CIOMR member countries – one from each country.
    Each representative should be a Delegate or an alternate from the EC (CIOMR).
    Representatives will be proposed and appointed by the delegation of their country.
    The SC will be managed by a Chairman, a Vice- chairman and a Secretary.
  • The Board of the Scientific Committee:
    Within the SC a Board is formed, consisting of a Chairman, a Vice- chairman and a Secretary.
    Board members are appointed for a term of three years.
    According to the constitution of the CIOMR, only delegates of countries who have paid their contribution can vote.
    Normally at the end of the three year mandate, the Vice-Chairman will become Chairman of the Committee.
    In case of a vacancy due to resignation, the Board members will appoint an interim board member. The substantive appointment of this candidate will has to be approved at the following Scientific Committee meeting.
    All board decisions will be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.


  • Internal functioning
    The Scientific Committee will meet at each session of the summer and winter meetings.
    Between two sessions, the Board and the national representatives in the Committee will continue to prepare their work by mail or by e-mail.
    Each decision will have to be taken by a majority of members. Minutes will be sent to the Executive Committee after every meeting of the Scientific Committee and to the National SC representative.
  • Relation with the Executive Committee of the CIOMR
    The Executive Committee (EC) and the Secretary General of the Confederation will be kept informed on the work by the Chairman of SC.
    At each meeting a preliminary programme outline for the next meeting will be agreed by the SC in consultation with the secretary-general (CIOMR).
    The board(EC) will facilitate the work of the Scientific Committee.
    The board(EC) will have the authority to delegate special tasks the Scientific Committee .
    The board (EC) might decide to request the secretary-geneal (CIOMR) to send a formal invitation to speakers.
    The Secretary (SC), after discussion by the board, will present a full scientific programme to the secretary-general (CIOMR) who will then distribute it to the national vicepresidents.
  • The work of the Scientific Committee.
    “The mission of the Scientific Committee will be to reflect on, conceive, organise and set up conferences and/or documents for the CIOMR”
    Organisation of the scientific sessions of the summer and winter meetings:
    The main topic will be chosen by the scientific committee before each meeting.
    Selection of the submissions
    The relevant documents (the subject, the summary and the biography of the speaker according to a format set up by the Scientific Committee) will have to be submitted by Each National VP or National SC member to the chair and secretary of the Scientific committee before the:

    • 1st of March for the summer meeting
    • 1st of October for the winter congress

    A written answer will be given to the presenter and the head of delegation before the:

    • 15th of March for the summer meeting.
    • 15th of October for the winter meeting.

    Invited speakers may be proposed by any CIOMR member.
    If the number of proposals is higher than the time frame allows, a selection will be made by the Board (SC), by prioritising the topic and the selection of countries.
    If the speaker or speakers are not selected, they will have priority for the following congress.
    A member of the board(SC) or any other member chosen by him will contact the person in charge of organising the winter or summer meetings in order to make plans for the coming scientific session (number of seats, translations, photocopies.)
    Specific scientific task
    The Scientific Committee will have the ability to offer to one or more of their members a specific scientific task.

Scientific documents:
The Scientific Committee may conduct scientific investigations, produce scientific reviews, or produce any relevant scientific documents for the CIOMR.


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