The Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) is an umbrella organisation, within which the national associations of multi-professional reserve medical services of the NATO member states and their affiliates are united. As an apolitical and independent organisation CIOMR strives to make a significant contribution to the medical force elements of the alliance and the further development of military multi-professional healthcare provision as well as informing security policy in their homelands with the aid of further and professional training activities.

The Confederation’s objectives are:

To establish close relationships with medical reserve personnel and services within the alliance.

To study and discuss subjects which are of military medical importance. To promote effective cooperation with the medical services of the active forces by providing information and feedback through its civilian medical expertise.

To participate as an actively involved observer in the plenary meeting and the Working Group on Medical Training of COMEDS, the NATO Committee of Chiefs of Medical Services.

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