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Current Version: 1985-2017 Mid Winter Meeting

Summer Congress - Spain


  • Structure of the Spanish Military Health System

936. ABADIA, Hernandez LTC (SP) (INV)

  • Current Operations


  • Challenges of Medical Support to Operations: Spanish Ongoing Initiatives

938. KASULKE, Robert MGen (US) (DEL)

  • Major advances in battlefield medicine and surgery as a result of mega clinical data mining and distribution to the battlefield clinicians

939. SHAMMAS, Kathy LtCdr (UK) (DEL)

  • Does Kings College Hospital require a guideline for the placement of thoracic epidurals in Chest Trauma?

940. MACKAY, Helen Maj (UK) (DEL)

  • Collaboration across boundaries: Multinational working

941. ALMOND,Mike WgCdr (UK) (INV)

  • Deployed renal replacement therapy in support of surgical teams and disaster management

942. TRINH, Tri Col (UK) (DEL)

  • Agile Strategic Planning and Execution

943. GONZALEZ, Federico Col (FR) (INV)

  • Emergency management of battlefield injuries: International common practices and French

944. HENNY, Walter Col (NED) (DEL)

  • Military Trauma Care: Are We Doing Better ? Can We Do Better ?

945. DAVIES, Simon LtCol (UK) (DEL)

  • The European trauma course and its applicability to the military

946. THIBERT, Mark LTC (CAN) (DEL)

  • The initial management of modern ballistic injuries

947. VAN VUGT, Arie LTC (NED) (DEL)

  • CRM in an Austere Environment

948. HENNY, Walter Col (NED) (DEL)

  • Standardization of acute trauma care: Does it exist? Does it work? Part 1

949. DIDUCA, Dominique Col (BEL) (DEL)

  • Standardization of acute trauma care: Does it exist? Does it work? Part 2

950. DAVIES, Simon LtCol (UK) (DEL)

  • Lessons Learnt from Military Ops in to Civilian Healthcare

951. BANKS, Graham SqLdr (UK) (DEL)

  • Value and Effect of Protective Systems against IED

952. HONING, Jan 1st LT (DK) (DEL)

  • Re-thinking Danish Naval Medical Standard Operating Procedures

953. MACKAY, Helen Maj (UK) (DEL)

  • Military Medical History – James Barry

954. KNUDSEN, Peter (DK) (DEL)

  • Military Forensic Medicine in Denmark

955. BRUNO, Patricio (US) (DEL)

  • Psychological and physical aspects of resiliency training for US forces
Mid - Winter Meeting - Brussels

934. TRINH, Tri LTC (US) (DEL)

  • U.S. Air Force Reserve Medical Entitlement Policy

933. KNUDSEN, Peter Cdr (DK) (DEL)

  • Civilian-military cooperation in forensic odontology in southern Denmark

932. BRUNO, Patricio LTC (US) (DEL)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Late onset presentation in geriatric veterans

931. WINTER, Kasper 1LT (DK) (DEL)

  • LUCAS™2 in Danish search and rescue

930. GRIFFIN, Gerald BGen (US) (DEL)

  • Introduction to medical leadership

929. TRUDGEON, Helen Flt Lt (UK) (INV)

  • Responding to Ebola. Utilizing reservists to enable and enhance service delivery. A
    personal perspective

928. VERGET-LARROUGET, Claude Col (FR) (INV)

  • Role of reservists within the French military health service

927. STIENSTRA, Stef Cdr (NL) (INV)

  • Investing in public health gives – especially in low-income countries – extremely impressive

926. GIBSON, Patricia LtCol (UK) (INV)

  • Op Gritrock: A personal view

925. BRUNO, Patricio LTC (US) (DEL)

  • Bridging the gap: Medical simulation- from battle dress to scrubs


  • Recruiting the medical reserves – UK challenges & perspectives

923. KASULKE, Robert MAJGEN (US) (DEL)

  • The logistic and legal challenges to military – civilian Integration in the United States
Summer Congress - Sofia

922. DIMITROV, Aleksandar COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Bulgarian MTFs intended to Provide Care in Disaster Situations”

921. KANEV, Kamen COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Antidotes: The Role of the Pharmacy in Medical Response in Crisis”


  • “Emergency Medical Preparedness in Cases of Chemical Terrorism”

919. SAMNALIEV, Ivan (BGR) (INV)

  • “Assessment of a Newly Synthetized Bispyridinium Dialdoxime as Cholinesterase Reactivator in Soman Poisoned Rats”

918. SAMNALIEV, Ivan (BGR) (INV)

  • “Comparison of the Re-activating Potency of Newly Synthetized Cholinesterase Reactivators”


  • “DNBI Sustained by Bulgarian Military Personnel in Missions Abroad”


  • “Evidence-based Lessons from Chemical Events”

915. DIMOV, Dimo Col (BGR) (INV)

  • “Non-cholinergic Effects of Acute Organophosphorous Poisoning”

914. DIMITROV, Aleksandar COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Contribution of the Military Medical Academy to the Improvement of Medical Support during Disaster Relief and Missions Abroad”


  • “Contemporary Organization of Specialized Toxological Support during Industrial Accidents”

912. KANEV, Kamen COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “The Role of Antidotes (Auto-injectors) in Crisis”

911. DIDUCA, Dominique COL (BEL) (DEL)

  • “Prepared for Crisis Management Operations Education, Training and Exercise with Reservists”
  • (Download PDF)


  • “CBRN risk preparedness and response: lessons learned from Ebola outbreak”
  • (Download PDF)

909. MARTELET, Francois COL (FRA) (DEL)

  • “Use of Lyophilized Plasma in Tactical Casualty Care”

908. PAMART, Philippe LtCol (FRA) (DEL)

  • “The Centre for Education and Simulation Operational Medicine (CESimMO) and operational preparation: the French touch”
  • (Download PDF)

907. BERTRAM, Ian 2nd Lt (UK) (INV)

  • “Medical, military and scientific realities of the evolving CBRN suicide bomber threat”
  • (Download PDF)

906. MACKAY, Helen Major (UK) (INV)

  • “Improving Communication by the Orthopaedic Surgeon”
  • (Download PDF)

905. LAWSON, Lorrie Sq Ldr (UK) (INV)

  • “Is lactate an effective biochemical indicator of severe injury in children with major trauma?” Sqn Ldr Lorrie Lawton RAF Reserve (UK).
  • (Download PDF)

904. BANKS, Graham Sq Ldr (UK) (DEL)

  • “MIMMS:a personal experience of its application (Indian Embassy bombing, Kabul, July 2008)”
  • (Download PDF)

903. HENNY, Walter COL (NL) (DEL)

  • “Adult Learning in the Military: Is It Different?”
  • (Download PDF)

902. DAVIES, Kevin COL (UK) (DEL)

901. KASULKE, Robert MG (USA) (DEL)

  • “The Development, Use and Clinical Impact of the US Army AMEDD Trauma Tracking system”
  • (Download PDF)
Mid - Winter Meeting - Brussels


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