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2017 Mid – Winter Meeting Workshop

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January 3, 2017

Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers

Mid Winter Meeting 2017


Max. number of Participants: 40

Wednesday 08 February 2017





“Tissue Handling: Lessons Learned”



Venue : 

Leopold Barracks

2, Rue Gaspar de Craeyer

9000 Gent



Workshop “HOSPEX”

The HOSPEX Tabletop Exercise, drawing on many years’ experience of field hospital deployments and major incidents, comes in two versions – the first, which we will undertake during the Workshop, is HOSPEX Tabletop; a classroom exercise based on 2-4 tabletop areas. The second, the Extended Tabletop, uses some 14 or more tables representing the layout of a tented Medical Treatment Facility or field hospital and is set up in a large hall. This will be explained but not demonstrated at the Workshop.

The HOSPEX Tabletop set is essentially a pre-deployment classroom-based tabletop training exercise representing deployed NATO Role 1, Role 2 Basic and Enhanced, and Role 3 medical facilities during a contingency operation abroad (the classroom representing the country concerned). One tabletop ‘playboard’ simulates the point of injury on the battlefield and a forward operating base, while two or three other tabletops have ‘playboards’ accurately representing the different Medical Treatment Facilities / Hospitals, including for interest the renowned Camp Bastion Hospital at Role 3.

Each playboard has cards representing each member of the medical staff on location, and then there are a number of casualty cards in packs, each representing particular scenarios, from single disease or trauma cases up to a variety of major incidents. There are other visual aids and documents. Participants learn and practice the principles of CSCATTT (command and control, safety, communication, assessment, triage, treatment and transfer in an enjoyable and interactive learning environment during the session, which lasts between two and three hours.

Workshop ” Lessons Learned in Tissue Handling for Complex Wounds”

Structural and functional outcomes following complex battlefield wounds is influenced heavily by early management. The goals include preservation of tissues, early debridement, serial dressings, microbiological and metabolic optimization, and coverage of vital structures with vascularized tissue at the earliest opportunity. The techniques taught at this workshop can be mastered by most surgeons, and are not specific to the skill set of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. This workshop will familiarize the attendees with techniques of gentle tissue handling, conservative debridement, application of VAC dressings, skin grafting, cutaneous and simple muscle flaps. A pre-course electronic syllabus will be provided for advanced study and future reference. After completing the workshop it is expected that attendees will be familiar with the rudiments of these basic tissue salvage techniques, and are encouraged to partner with their local plastic and reconstructive surgeons for ongoing mentoring.

  • 0900 registration
  • 0930 workshop “Hospex”
  • 1230 lunch
  • 1400 workshop “Lessons Learned”
  • 1700 wrap-up Schedule

Attendance fee :  30  EUR (to be paid in cash at the start of the course)

Registration via:  Col Walter HENNY


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