3C resource page

The 3C resource page contains the most current documents for the upcoming 3c event. You can review the documents online, download and if needed print. The page also contains videos


Documents are grouped by Topic, Language and printing Format. CIOMR offers 3 Document printing formats (if available) some assembly required. Instructions for printing and assembling:


Format: print single-double sided


Format: print double-sided (landscape), fold vertically in the middle, assemble, staple


Format: print double-sided (letter), fold horizontally in the middle, cut, assemble, fold  vertically in the middle, staple.

Name Downloads Version Download
Name Downloads Version Download
205 downloads 5.0 English Format Download
246 downloads 1.6 English Format Download
206 downloads 2020 English Format 4 Download
196 downloads 2020 English Format 2 Download
198 downloads 2020 English Format 1 Download
220 downloads 4.1A2 French Format 4 Download
270 downloads 4.1A2 French Format 2 Download
235 downloads 4.1A2 French Format 1 Download
204 downloads 4.1A2 English Format 4 Download
220 downloads 4.1A2 English Format 2 Download
223 downloads 4.1A2 English Format 1 Download

CCC Video

This video is aimed for instructional purposes at NON-medical personnel participating in CIOMR’s Combat Casualty Care competition

CCC Video Disclaimer.

The video is a composition of edited TCCC clips and has the following sections

Videos: All videos can be found on the CIOMR YouTube channel.

The video shows techniques which NON-medical participants in the CCC competition (may) have to perform and which are mentioned in the CCC Manual. The following techniques have been removed: insertion of a nasopharyngeal airway or a laryngeal mask, endotracheal intubation, cricothyroidotomy, needle decompression of the chest and insertion of iv lines.

  1. Intro
  2. CUF
  3. CAT arm self
  4. CAT arm buddy
  5. CAT leg self
  6. CAT leg buddy
  7. TFC hemorrhage control
  8. TFC Wound Pressure Dressing
  9. TFC Wound packing
  10. TFC Airway
  11. TFC Respiration
  12. TFC Respiration Seal
  13. TFC Circulation
  14. TFC Tourniquet Replacement
  15. TFC Thermal Injuries
  16. TFC Hypothermia

Below the original TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care clips can also be accessed.

They are aimed at medical personnel and are a selection from a larger series that has been produced by the US Defense Health Agency with reviewing and approval by staff of the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC).

1. TCCC Intro

2. CUF

3. CAT arm self

4. CAT arm buddy

5. CAT leg self

6. CAT leg buddy

7. TFC hemorrhage control

8. TFC Wound Pressure Dressing

9. TFC Wound packing

10. TFC Airway

11. TFC Respiration

12. TFC Respiration Seal

13. TFC Circulation

14. TFC Tourniquet Replacement

15. TFC Thermal Injuries

16. TFC Hypothermia