May 27, 2024

What is CIOMR?

The Confédération Interalliée des Officiers Médicaux de Réserve (Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers) was founded in Brussels in 1948 by Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Nowadays the reserve officers associations of most NATO countries are members. Also organizations of non-NATO countries are (associate) members: Austria, the Republic of South Africa, Singapore and Switzerland.
Delegates are physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, technicians and medical service corps officers.

What are the objectives of CIOMR?

To establish close relationships with medical reserve personnel and services within the alliance.
To study and discuss subjects which are of military medical importance.
To promote effective cooperation with the medical services of the active forces by providing information and feedback through its civilian medical expertise.
To participate as an actively involved observer in the plenary meeting and the Working Group on Medical Training of COMEDS, the NATO Committee of Chiefs of Medical Services.

Who can be a member?

National reserve military medical associations or their equivalents from all NATO member countries can become full members.
National reserve military medical associations or their equivalents from non-NATO member countries can become associate members (PfP countries, countries of the Mediterranean Dialogue etc.).
Only one national association per country will be admitted.
Each member of CIOMR may send a delegation consisting of 6 members, one of them must be a medical officer.
Application for membership should be made to the Executive Committee.

How often are meetings held?


Meetings are held twice a year, in conjunction with the Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve (CIOR). CIOMR and CIOR cooperate closely in various fields.
Traditionally CIOMR hold its Mid-Wintermeeting in February in Brussels and the Summer Congress in July or August in one of the member countries.



Who looks after your interests in CIOMR?


The Governing body of CIOMR is its Executive Committee, which consists of the heads of the national delegations. Each delegation is headed by the respective national vice president.
The CIOMR president is nominated by one of the national associations in rotation, serving a two-years-term. In due course the president designate will choose in consultation with the national association an international vice president who will take on the position simultaneously with the president by the approval of the EC. The Executive Committee accepts nominations for the other board positions from members of the delegations.