United States of America

National Delegation Team

Lisa Doumont
Brigadier General / OF-6
National Vice Presidentvp-usa@ciomr.org
Nancy Mikulin
Colonel / OF-5
Secretary General

National Organization

Who May Participate:

Participation as a member of the US CIOMR Delegation is open to any medical member of US reserve organizations and ROA. Preference is toward ROA members. ROA is the administrative application gateway for Delegate and guest appointments to the US CIOMR Delegation, in close co-operation with the US CIOMR VP and Secretary General. ROA is the officially recognized US member of the International CIOMR, of which the US CIOMR is the US representative delegation.

How to Become Involved:

  • Attend CIOMR at ROA
  • Become a member of ROA
  • Submit an abstract for presentation
  • Register for or attend a Summer Congress
  • If attending, visit the Scientific & Operational Medicine committees for insight into our activities

The US CIOMR is:

An International Organization of Military Medical Reserve and Selected Medical Professionals.
ROA is the US member of International CIOMR, which is an independent chartered NATO organization. The US CIOMR is the US active partner to the other NATO medical delegations. A valuable opportunity to interact with professional colleagues around the world as an AT, TDY, educational opportunity or paper presentation!