June 16, 2024

“Good day VPs, Board, Executive Committee, Liaison Officers, CIOMR Delegates,

..As everyone prepares to travel, the planning committee, Committee Chairs, and CIOMR Board, are doing their final checks. As always, there may be unexpected changes as the final days become closer. I have attached the most up-to-date Program, however, please note that last minute changes will occur, so I recommend that you all refer to the link on the program to find the most up-to-date version.

There have been several enquiries regarding dress, but for ease of location and reference this is also included in the information below:

The programme/agenda (below) as of 15 June 2023.

The CIOMR Program as of June 15th (subject to changes)

Please do not hesitate to contact the CIOMR Secretary General, or the Assistant Secretary General if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you at Summer Congress 2023!”

Saturday, June 24th

Morning: Early arrivals (Includes JMROW Team and students, also Brig Mahan, Wg Cdr Banks)

Afternoon: Early arrivals continues

Evening: This day is a Finnish Holiday so shops, bars and restaurants, and social activity may be very limSited

Sunday, June 25th

Morning: Arrival Day for CIOMR Delegations

Afternoon: Arrivals continue

Evening: Free evening

Monday, June 26th

Morning: CIOMR Opening and Introductions. SciCom Part 1 (includes Posters Event and CFAB Briefing) (BG D Wilson)

Afternoon: 1345-1515: CIOMR Session 1: “Reserve contribution to LSCO” – MG Lynn, MG Bilodeau, Brig de Rouffignac, Brig Mahan (1.5 hrs.), followed by EC Meeting 1

Evening: Opening Ceremony 1700 hrs and Reception 1800 hrs.

Tuesday, June 27th

Morning: Host Nation Day: Bus to site. Finnish Theme “Military Medical Operations from WW1 to Contemporary

Afternoon: Museum tour

Evening: Free evening

Wednesday, June 28th

Morning: OMC

Afternoon: CIOMR Session 2: BG Kovitz MMCC/EMC brief (40 mins).

CIOMR Session 3: VP Transformation

Evening: CIOMR informal dinner

Thursday, June 29th

Morning: 0800-1000 JMROW free paper session, 1000-1045 CIOR Keynote, 1100-1200 JMROW free paper session (cont.)

Afternoon: 1330-1530 Symposium

Evening: Free evening

Friday: June 30th

Morning: Support to Milcomp (TCCC). Other CIOMR activity, as required

Afternoon: CIOMR Committee time and breakout sessions, as required

Evening: Closing dinner 1740 (Paasitorni)

Dress will be as follows (understanding baggage allowances may affect dress choices):

a. Opening Ceremony – Services dress (with or without medals is up to Delegations)/Civilian equivalent = business dress with jacket

b. Daily working program sessions – working service dress/civilian equivalent = business dress)

c. CCC judges & study trips – BDU/ PCS/ combat dress or civilian equivalent

d. Gala dinner – Service/Mess Dress, or civilian formal or smart/black tie equivalent