June 16, 2024

20220902-CIOMR Newsletter-O

20220902-CIOMR Newsletter-O

2 Sep 22


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Presidency and Board. We I felt it appropriate to update you on events that have taken place since the Summer Congress 2022 in Athens.

SC22: I think we can all agree that this was a huge success for CIOMR. The attendance was fantastic, and the programme was very well received and having the COMEDS LO present added great value. We clearly demonstrated our utility and the success of our strategic vision this past 2 years. We also saw how well our Junior Officer programme has taken off and bodes well for the future.

MMCC/EMC and CIOMR Relationship. On 26 August 2022, CIOMR formalised its working relationship with the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical Command (MMCC/EMC). Through the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), by the current commander Brigadier General (MD) Stefan Kowitz and President CIOMR, Lieutenant Colonel Johan Munch, the until now formative but effective working collaboration between the two organisations has now been cemented.

The programme for the signing event commenced with a briefing from BG Kowitz on the formation of MMCC/EMC and its growing areas of activity, where it is focussed today, and its future activity. Further, he outlined the positive opportunities that CIOMR could participate with his Command, particularly Joint training and Exercises. He also recognised the talent pool within CIOMR that might support MMCC/EMC tasks or efforts. The Secretary General of CIOMR, Wing Commander Graham Banks then briefed on CIOMR and its activities and strategic aims and plans moving forward. It was clear from both briefings that there are many areas that will allow both organisations to work collegiately and also complement each other’s outputs. After a working lunch, where we were joined by the German Deputy Surgeon General, Major General Dr. Stephan Schoeps, who was briefed on that morning’s event, the LOI was formally signed.


Present to witness the signing was the past CIOMR President (Lieutenant Colonel Bynens) CIOMR President Designate (2024-26) Lieutenant Colonel Nils Drews, and the CIOMR Liaison Officer to MMCC/EMC, Colonel Horten; also, key members of the MMCC/EMC Team. Both Commander MMCC/EMC and President CIOMR agreed that the day was not only a key moment moving forward but recognised the burgeoning relationship that will no doubt bring about great opportunities for the international reservist.

Key areas of agreement or effort are:

  • Mutual beneficial activity that will provide support to the “Recruit, Train and Retain” space (Reserves and Reservist)
  • Mutual access to the reservist Talent Pool for projects and tasks (but within organisational resources and with national approval)
  • Conduit for information exchange (incl data) research and development, concepts
  • The reservist support to (national and international) resilience
  • Access (for reservists) to MMCC/EMC Exercises and training (e.g. CAMO 23 and Project PARACELSUS)

There is also an opportunity for us to support MMCC/EMC Workshops (Biosensors 23 and Resilience 23)

Board Meeting. At the request of our new President and his Team, we have now instigated a monthly Board Meeting and at which we will discuss planning, events and progress on tasks or activity. Leads for areas will be co-opted as required. We held the first on 18 August and looked at key areas such as IBM1, MWM23 and SC23. We are keen that we get ahead of the game for these events, their programmes, and

afford you all as much notice as possible and to maximise attendance and involvement. We are also looking at our Transitional areas (for the new role of VP Transformation) and future positions/vacancies. We also agreed that Project PETRI, whilst it has achieved its initial aims, will continue to ensure momentum. We also discussed our outreach programme where we might re-engage with our ‘absent’ member Nations and reach out to new potential members (including Ireland, Ukraine, Israel, Slovakia and Croatia). Our next meeting will 21 September.

CIOR Joint Activity and Relationship. At SC22 our President (Lt Col Munch) and I met with the new EST Presidency of CIOR on the last day of the Congress. We agreed that we need to better fix and then take forward our collegiate and joint activity. Since then, I have met with my CIOR counterpart (Maj Andre Lilleleht (EST)). We have strongly agreed that we will ensure all areas where we can share (planning, logistics, meetings and events) will be fully joint and mutually beneficial. We will use IBM 1/4 as a ‘test case’. The CIOR Presidency is keen to have a MOU between us (they have one with CISOR) and we will raise this at the next Board Meeting. This is really encouraging as such a document (formality) will help cement matters, remove vagary and hold us accountable to each other.


IBM 1/4. There are “save the date” and “Invitational Flyer” circulating. In short, 27-29 Oct in Helsinki. The programme is already being shaped. We are adding a CIOMR Workshop. It is a hybrid event, but the Presidency and Board are encouraging maximum attendance. We see this as an opportunity to support our Finnish colleagues, and a degree of solidarity, as they look to join NATO. It will also furnish us a “recce” and planning for SC23. The registration fees are 225 euros actual (incl Dinner, lunches and refreshments, and 25 euros virtual. Hotel is 129 euros single, 149 euros shared, per night incl breakfast. The reception is in the Estonian Embassy, Helsinki, and includes 3 significant keynote speakers. The registration site goes live 5 Sep and the formal invitation is imminent.

75th Anniversary. Both CIOMR and CIOR will soon celebrate 75 years sine formation. CIOR have invited us to not only share in their planned events, but also the commemorative symbols (Coins, Book, etc). Obviously, our material will bear CIOMR logos, etc. The Board will discuss options and reach out to you on this and associated matters, in due course. We do plan a separate (unique to) CIOMR 75 Event in Norway as part of our IBM3/4.

That is it for now. Please get in contact with me or our ASG and/or the Presidency Team if you have any questions, thoughts or wants.


Best wishes

Graham Banks

Wg Cdr (OF4)

Secretary General CIOMR

+44 (0)7889 530688 g.banks965@btinternet.com

Newsletter in PDF below for download.