May 27, 2024
1. The Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) will host its annual Junior Medical Reserve Officer Workshop (JMROW) from 28 Jul to 2 Aug 2024 (arrivals on 27 Jul, departures 3 Aug). This will be delivered in person in Tallinn, Estonia, and will run alongside the CIOMR Summer Congress and the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) Summer Congress.
2. CIOMR is an organisation committed to the professional development of Medical Reservists across NATO and partner countries. It provides a variety of high-calibre and cost- effective programs that are of benefit to individual Reservists, their member Nations, and NATO as a whole.
3. This workshop aims to provide Junior (OF-1 to OF-3) Medical Reserve Officers with exposure to a multi-national environment and to colleagues from across NATO and partner nations. It is a unique professional development opportunity that will augment their development into future medical commanders. Both Medical1 and Medical Support Officers are warmly invited to apply to participate in this workshop.
4. Provisionally, the workshop programme will involve elements of the following:
a. Introduction to NATO and NATO Medical Functions.
b. Concurrent geopolitics sessions with the Young Reserve Officer Workshop (YROW) from CIOR.
c. A science and innovation symposium including the Scientific Committee’s Open Paper Sessions on Medical Military topics.
d. Fireside chats with Senior Medical Reserve Officers from across NATO.
e. Attendance at CIOR’s Symposium (subject TBC).
f. A workshop on operational medical planning and table-top exercise.
g. A workshop on operational stress and performance.
h. Opportunities to network with fellow Junior Officers.
5. Participants will be required to conduct pre-course research on the Military Medical Scope and Capabilities of an Assigned NATO Nation. This will require pre-travel preparation and research. This will be delivered to the wider CIOMR delegation, with an audience of international Reserve Officers up to OF-6.
6. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the CIOMR Scientific Committee Free Paper Session. Participants are required to submit at least one topic that is relevant or informative
1 The term Medical includes all professions involved in healthcare provision (multi-professional, including dental and veterinary).
to an international military medical audience. These topics can be scientific/clinical or share a process or experience. Participants will present their topics as a poster format between briefs or, if selected to do so, as a 10-minute brief to the International Delegation during Free Paper Session.
7. The principal benefits of participation in JMROW are:
a. An introduction to NATO, CIOMR and CIOR, and future opportunities therein.
b. Enhancing joint and combined medical interoperability and professional development, strengthening ties among Alliance countries through personal exchanges between junior Reserve Officers.
c. Preparing junior Medical Reserve Officers for positions of higher responsibility within their national Reserve forces.
d. Contributing to the shaping of the future Medical Reserve Officer cohort.
e. Exploring the issues underpinning reserve employment, terms of service and employment in operations, as well as the various roles, missions and doctrines of reserve forces throughout the Alliance.
f. Participation and delivering a presentation at an international military conference, which will be recognized with certificates following completion of the Workshop.
g. Potential for future participation in CIOMR activities.
8. JMROW 2024 registration cost is 485/550 euros (Early bird/normal registration prices respectively.) All costs, to include travel, lodging, and registration, are the responsibility of the participant or their host nation. Lodging is the Mövenpick Hotel, with a special congress rate.
9. Interested Officers should complete and submit Annex A and accompanying documents, as soon as possible but not later than 30 Apr 24. Successful applications will be notified NLT 12 weeks prior to course commencement. In addition to Annex A, individual countries may have application and Order of Merit Selection processes for selecting participants.
10. JMROW will be an enriching experience for Junior Medical Reserve Officers who represent the future of NATO. It is designed to provide an opportunity to establish professional relationships that often last throughout their careers and to offer a strong foundation upon which to build their NATO experiences.
M Gimzewska (UK) T Kalema (FIN)
Maj 1LT
JMROC Co-Chair JMROC Co-Cair
Annex A to JMROW Calling Notice Dated 15 Mar 24
Expression of Interest – Junior Medical Reserve Officer Workshop (28 Jul – 2 Jun 24)
I confirm I have secured my Chain of Command’s support to attend JMROW I understand funding is the responsibility of the individual nation/unit.
I understand that I will be required to conduct pre-course research as detailed in para 5 of the calling notice.
I understand that I will be required to deliver a poster presentation or 10 minute brief as detailed in para 6 of the calling notice.
Proposed topic for presentation:
2nd Proposed topic for presentation (optional):
Once completed this EOI along with professional CV and Military Bio (max 300 words) should be emailed to JMROC@CIOMR.ORG no later than 30 April 24. 
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