February 24, 2024

Operational Medicine Committee 

Thomas Nguyen 
Country: Cananda
 Chair – OMCchair-omc@ciomr.org
Richard Webber
Rank: Major / OF-3
Country : United Kingdom
Vice Chair – OMCvchair-omc@ciomr.org
Not FilledSecretary – OMCsec-omc@ciomr.org

The Operational Medicine Committee is responsible for promoting standardization of medical practice by:

  • Identifying, researching, and providing practical international solutions to improve military medicine
  • Planning, organizing, and sharing practical solutions through the continued education process
  • Planning, organizing and delivering the CIOMR Combat Casualty Care Competition (3C Comp).

Every NATO military man and woman can take part in the 3C competition; if you want to test your Combat Casualty Care skills contact the OMC Chairman (chair-OMC@CIOMR.org)

A Certificate of Competence will be awarded if you meet the 3C criteria that are in accordance with STANAG 2122


The resource page contains the documents and guidelines that explain the 3c competition.


The 3c Result page contains the results of the 3c competitions and general statistics.