May 27, 2024

Scientific Committee

Rank: Surgeon Commander / OF-4
Country: United Kingdom
Chair – SciCom
Rank: Major / OF-3
Country: Canada
Vice Chair – SciCom
Rank: Major / OF-3
Country: United Kingdom
Secretary – SciCom
Katie ODOM
Rank: MAJ / OF-3
Country : United States
JMROC liaison

The Scientific Committee is responsible for the theme and content of the free paper sessions at the CIOMR meetings.

Intent to Present:

Thank you for your interest in presenting at a CIOMR Symposium event. Symposiums are held twice a year. At the Mid-Winter Meeting in Brussels, Belgium and the Summer Congress (rotational). 

Regardless of the number of presenters, only one submission is required per presentation.  Please note, for any given presentation title, presenters must choose one form of presentation (either poster or oral). Presenters researching more than one topic may submit a form for each topic. Submissions for Intent to Present are a critical component of our planning process. In addition to gaining a sense of the number of poster and oral presentations we can expect at the symposium, your submission will help us determine the schedule of the topics.  The more Intent to Present forms submitted the better! Please note, by submitting an Intent to Present form:

  • You are not obligated to present at the symposium, although we hope you will.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. If possible, the theme should conform to the theme of the Congress
  2. Abstracts should be written in English.
  3. Submitted Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
  4. The notification of the authors will be per attached email
  5. Abstract max. 150 words
  6. Include a short biography
  7. Please keep to the Time limit of 20 min including discussion

SC-18 – Quebec City Canada

“Training & Education towards Civil-Military Cooperation in relation to Humanitarian Emergencies, Terrorism & War – Lessons learned”

MWM-18 – Brussels

“Military & Civil Cooperation in Support of Natural Disasters, Emerging and or Declared Crises or Wars.”

SC-17 – Prague, Czech

“Military & Civil Cooperation in Support of Natural Disasters, Emerging and or Declared Crises or Wars.”

MWM-17 – Ghent, Belgium


“#1 Terrorism, emergency surgery, and first responder medicine from the battlefield or your backyard”
“#2 The reservist contribution to force generation”