April 14, 2024
Recognition for excellence is always appreciated, as are those that provide our services:
Earlier this month in Koblenz (Germany), where the European Medical Command/Multinational Medical Coordination Center is based, Colonel (R) Oliver Horten (DEU), a long-standing CIOMR Assistant Secretary General, was awarded the National Defense Medal – Silver from France by Brigadier General (R) Francois R. Martelet (FRA), former Secretary General for his outstanding service to CIOMR and to France during his seven-year tenure. Col(R) Horten, together with BG (R) Martelet, led successfully the transformation process of CIOMR within the NATO umbrella that has become a professional military organization delivering added value to medical Reservists’. Under their leadership, CIOMR made significant progress In becoming the “Reserve leg” of the Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services (COMEDS).
(Pictured from left to right):
Brigadier General S. Kowitz, M.D. (DEU), Director Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical Command MMCC/EMC,
Colonel (R) Ol. Horten (DEU),
and Brigadier General (R), M.D., F. R. Martelet (FRA),
and Colonel T. Lanteri (FRA)