May 27, 2024


Aug 06 - 08 2021


6 August 21 (1500 UTC+1
15:00 - 16:00

Junior Medical Reserve Officer Workshop CIOMR

Good day VP’s and fellow CIOR members,
It is with pleasure as the Chairperson for the Young Reserve Officer Committee (YROC) that I send to you the official invitation for the upcoming Virtual Young Reserve Officer Workshop (YROW) 2021 to be held in association with the Summer Congress from 6-8 August 2021.
The programme will again include interesting and relevant PD topics delivered by subject matter experts in their fields. The Workshop, even though it is being offered virtually due to the current circumstances, will be challenging with interactive sessions with engaging break-out discussion groups to accompany the presentations to allow for the sharing of views and experience from the multi-national participants. This will enhance the virtual Workshop, like the previous Spring Seminar providing a beneficial outcome for all participants.
The Workshop will begin in the afternoon of 6 August 21 (1500 UTC+1) with an introduction by the YRO Committee to CIOR/CIOMR and YRO followed by 2 SME Presentations. The end of the evening is a virtual social function that incorporates the country briefs in a more casual setting. Participants will be sent questions ahead of time as a guide to help prepare them to discuss, with the other participants, information about their countries, their military and more specifically, their reserve organizations.
Attached is the draft program agenda for the Workshop for your review and for those perspective participants as you solicit for participants. It is scheduled each day to commence later in the day (Fri – 1500, Sat and Sun – 1200) to account for time zones for all participants to allow a greater range of participating countries. There is no registration cost for this Workshop and the preference for a YRO participant is still in place (Capt. or below and under 35).
Below is a sample EXCEL Registration Form (spreadsheet) for countries to complete with their participant information and return to The committee is asking for registration information to be returned by 30 July 2021. The target is NMT 10 participants per country; however, if there are more please prioritize the participants and more may be added if there is sufficient room. Consideration needs to be made for the number and size of the break-out rooms. The committee is also hoping for a good diversity of participating countries for this Workshop to enhance the experience for everyone.
Once registration information is provided to the committee through the e-mail address by 30 July 2021, the committee will send out to each participant the link to the designated Zoom call, the guide questions for the Friday night Country Brief Social Event and any other pertinent information for the Workshop. We will also at that time be dividing the group into their designated break-out groups in preparation for the Workshop. Please identify the lead POC for your country participants to make it more effective for the committee to pass information to participants.
If there are any questions about the content or registration for the Seminar please contact myself at either or

The event is finished.