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Jan 30 2023 - Feb 03 2023


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MWM 23



Warning Order


20221209-MWM23_CIOMR_Wng Ord-O
As per email distribution list.
09 Dec 22
WARNING ORDER AS AT 15 December 2022 (as at 9 Dec 22)
PERIOD (30 JAN – 3 FEB 23)
1. CIOMR, in conjunction with CIOR, will hold a Joint Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM 23) in Brussels, BEL
during the period 30 Jan – 3 Feb 23. This is planned as a hybrid event; the physical element of the
meeting(s) taking place at NATO HQ and with virtual participation available for those elements of
respective programmes that allow for that format. CIOR and CIOMR will come together for some conjoint
activity, but separate programmes and Agendas will run where required. Physical attendance is strongly
encouraged. This Warning Order is intended for the purposes of seeking appropriate support from
National Offices, Associations or Federations where required (authority and funding) to attend. Please
contact either the CIOMR Secretary General or ASG if more support or details is required (contact details
are below).
2. CIOMR Executive Council (EC) and Committee Chairs (OMC, SciCom and JMROC) to plan and deliver
its programme of activities and outputs for the next 12 months, including meetings (SC 23, JMROW;
support to CIOR activity (TCCC – Milcomp), CIMIC/CIMEX and YROW (as required or requested); support to
CISOR (as requested) and activities with partner organisations (COMEDS, MMCC/EMC and NRFC). To plan
additional seminars, meetings and events as required. To address general business (finances, legal entity,
transformation and membership) and management of organisation). To vote on all formal matters as
3. Commanders Intent. The CIOMR President’s intent remains as per the revised CIOMR Strategic
Document: grow the organisation, invest in the Next Generation, further relationships with partner
organisations and ensure CIOMR remains fit for purpose, credible and delivering to its aims and objectives.
4. Concept of Operations:
a. Phase 1 – Registration. Registration period is now open (as at 3 Dec 22). All participants
must register through Fienta online registration using the link provided (below); a separate link will
be provided and advised via separate email for JMROS attendees. It is imperative that all
Registrations must be completed No-Later-Than 10 Jan 23, as after this date, there will not be
adequate time to obtain security clearances / passes into NATO HQ Public areas.
b. Phase 2 – Meetings and Events. As per CIOMR programme/Agenda (Outline located in
Annex A). Sunday 29 January and the morning of 30 January will be the arrival days (Registration
Desk will be available at the Holiday Inn Airport Brussels). Monday, 30 January at 1230 hrs buses
will depart the Holiday Inn Airport Brussels for the Opening Address, 1300 hrs at NATO HQ. EC
Business Meeting and Committee sessions will be held within NATO HQ (Public Area) and according
to the Agenda. Thursday, 2 February, there will be an opportunity to attend a cultural day (a WW1
Battlefield Tour is planned), followed by the Gala Dinner held at NATO HQ. Both these latter events
are optional.
c. Workshop. Monday 30 January afternoon and the morning of Tuesday 31 January will be
the OMC-led Workshop on “Embracing diversity and understanding Generation Z”. Delegations are
asked to maximise attendance (including virtual) to this Workshop with their home nation Reservist
healthcare professionals.
d. Scientific Committee Symposium. Tuesday 31 January afternoon will be the SciCom-led
Symposium on “Cyber Medical Challenges”. Delegations are asked to maximise attendance
(including virtual) to this Symposium with their home nation Reservist healthcare professionals
e. JMROS: Will have their own program, arrival times and departure times. The block
timetable, topics and Programme/Agenda are outlined in Annex B. A detailed agenda will be shared
with JMROS attendees in due course. Care should be taken throughout MWM 23 that individuals
board the relevant buses / transportation pertinent to either the CIOMR main programme or that
of the JMROC.
Note. The final Programme/Agenda will be published in no later the 1 week before the MWM 23
start date.
f. Phase 3 – Review and post event admin. Full details and reports (including Presentations)
will be made available via CIOMR C3 Connect and website.
5. Objectives. The meetings will seek to realize outcomes in accordance with the extant Presidential
Aims, Strategic Direction and stated Objectives.
6. Committee Progress Reports / Liaison Officer Reports. Committees Chairs or representative /
Liaison Officers are to submit a written report 2 weeks prior to the MWM 23 in order for these reports to
be circulated with the final Programme/Agenda providing time for Board Members to review and to
prepare any questions. Committee Leads and Liaison Officers should be prepared to brief/respond to any
questions relevant to their respective reports, planned activities, and expected/planned budgetary
7. EC Progress Report. VPs (Delegations/Nations) are requested to give a national level update. To
include ability/likelihood to support or offer resources to committees.
8. Meeting participants. The following actual attendance is deemed vital and strongly encouraged:
a. CIOMR Presidential Team.
b. Delegation VPs and Deputies (latter may assist or represent their VP).
c. Committee Chairs (and deputy/vice Chair)
d. Positions of responsibility (MCO, IT Mgr., LOs).
e. Delegation members and CIOMR Members / Individual Delegates
9. Meetings. All meetings will be hosted at NATO HQ (some JMROS elements will be held elsewhere).
Virtual participation will be via MS Teams. The Link for participants to join on-line will be sent out with the
final Programme/Agenda. Note, not all Sessions will be available virtually; sessions available via virtual
means will be identified in the Programme/Agenda. If you need help with virtual participation, use C3
MWM working group chat, or contact IT Spt, contacts provided below.
10. Registration and fees. The on-line registration link / method is below. Each full participant must
register (“purchase a ticket”) their participation. Costs are indicated below (JMROS Registration Fees will be
abated). Payment will be possible by credit card, debit card, bank link or by invoice. “Tickets” must be
bought, and invoices paid, before the event (NLT 10 Jan 23). Fees are set as:
a. Registration Fees includes daily transport, lunches, refreshments, and Gala Dinner and
listed below:
CIOMR Delegates/Attendees (full event) – 350€
CIOMR Delegates/Attendees (2-days (30-31 Jan) – 150€
Gala Dinner (for those not paying full rate) – 80€
b. Please note that where an individual might expect to attend additional days (beyond 31
Jan) a daily rate will be charged (on arrival). This will be advised in due course.
c. Registration Link here: https://fienta.com/cior-ciomr-mid-winter-meeting-2023 – for issues
with registration and/or registration fees/processes, please contact Lt Mari Uuemaa (below).
d. The daily transport (to/from) will only be from the Holiday Inn.
11. Accommodation. Actual participants are advised that the preferred MWM 23 accommodation is
the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport (information link: Holiday Inn Airport Brussels – Guest Reservations). For
the “conference” rate, please BOOK HERE. Other hotels within a short distance of both NATO HQ and the
Holiday Inn are available by choice. Note, a Hotel Airport shuttle can be arranged for pick-up and drop off.
All guests should reserve their rooms using the booking and link where possible. If you experience issues
with bookings, please contact the hotel direct quoting “NATO CIOMR”. For significant issues, please contact
the undersigned.
12. Meals. All meals as follows are included in the Registration Fee: Lunch, NATO HQ (Tuesday 31
January and 1 February). Gala Dinner on Thursday, 2 February 2023 (NATO). Breakfasts are included in the
room rate. Lunches on 30 January and 2 February. And the ice breaker. Dinners for 30 January and 1
February are self-funded.
13. Dress Codes:
Monday, 30 January – Service Dress (may “drop down” to working dress during meetings)
Tuesday, 31 January – As above
Wednesday, 1 February – As above
Thursday 2 February – Cultural activity (civilian attire, dress for the weather). Gala Dinner: service
dress (tunic & medals).
14. Security. All attendees are advised that strong security measures are in force at the NATO HQ.
Identity documents (e.g. Passport or Identity Card) must be carried at all times. The use of PEDs (mobile
phones, tablets, laptops) are only allowed in the Public Areas. It is strongly recommended (but not
essential) that both National and NATO security clearances are held. It is also recommended that
Delegations advise attendance to NATO to their Milrep in that HQ.
14. Key Points of Contact:

The event is finished.