May 27, 2024

Global Health Engagement Committee

Global Health Engagement Committee

Neeraj Shah
Rank: Major / OF-3
Country: UK
Chair – GHEC

The aims of GHEC are:

  • To provide education on global health engagement and global health security risks within the organisation and its partners.
  • To liaise with NATO and MILMED COE committees of relevance to global health engagement. 
  • To seek out opportunities for NATO nations to partner together, and for NATO nations to partner with non-NATO nations, to facilitate the development of interoperability. Ultimately, to lead and/or coordinate on NATO Reserve global health engagement. 
  • To support COMEDS in preparation for future global health security risks. 

The work of GHEC will include:

  • Planning, coordination and delivery of GHEC workshops on request from the EC.
  • Engaging with relevant partners and stakeholders both inside and outside of the Alliance to seek opportunities for representation of NATO Reservists on GHE activity.
  • Serving as primary liaison on behalf of CIOMR to CIOR CIMIC.
  • Where possible, engaging with COMEDS to highlight the value of GHE activity to improve security.