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NumberTopic ClassificationAuthor(s)1st Presenter Country1st Presenter CIOMR StatusMeetngMeeting LocationCountry LocationTypeYearTitleAbstract
1EXPERIENCESJOLLY, R.T. CommanderUKINVMWMBrusselsBELPresentation1985The red and Green Life Machine
2TRAININGMILLAR, J.H. Rear AdmiralUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1985CAMIS: Computer Assisted Medical Instruction System
3TRAININGRUOFF, A. Dr. N/AUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1985Continuing Education Program Casualty Care
4TRAININGLAPP, Milton C. CommanderUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1985Use of interactive computer assisted video T.V. for remedial training of US Navy hospital corpsmen
5DIAGNOSTIC/TREATMENTOTTO, M.F. Dr. N/ADEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1985Burn treatment in mass casualties
6DIAGNOSTIC/TREATMENTHenny, Walter CaptainNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1985When to ambulate a patient after vascular operations in the groin?
7DIAGNOSTIC/TREATMENTNEWTON, Kenneth CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1985Thallium stress test- a clinical modality
8POLICIESRODAHL, K. Prof. CaptainNOINVSCOsloNOR1985Cold weather warfare
9RESEARCHRODAHL, K. Prof. CaptainNOINVSCOsloNOR1985Cold weather clothing
10RESEARCHOPSTAD, P. Dr. CaptainNOINVSCOsloNOR1985Endocrinological changes during exhausting military activities
11RESEARCHHOLAND, S. CaptainNOINVSCOsloNOR1985Safe- keeping of drugs in field units in cold environments
12RESEARCHANDERSEN, H. Prof. CaptainNOINVSCOsloNOR1985Escape from fighter aircraft ejection and survival
13POLICIESHenny, Walter CaptainNLDELSCOsloNOR1985The need for training of the Reserve Medical Officer
15EXPERIENCESKOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELSCOsloNOR1985Four years reserve medical experience with the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing
16DIAGNOSTIC/TREATMENTHenny, Walter CaptainNLDELSCOsloNOR1985Compartment syndromes in trauma
17RESEARCHDARRE, Erik LieutenantDKDELSCOsloNOR1985Back complaints in Danish conscripts
18RESEARCHMASTRONUZZI, Girolamo Lieutenant ColonelITDELSCOsloNOR1985A new biochemical interpretation on the Gilbert’s syndrome
19GeneralMAC PHIE, D.L. Brigadier GeneralUKINVMWMBrusselsBEL1986General situation report on the medical services in ACE
20POLICIESANTOINE, H.M. GeneralFRINVMWMBrusselsBEL1986Vaccinations in the army
21POLICIESEME, A. GeneralFRINVMWMBrusselsBEL1986Lessons from field exercises and the consequence for the Medical Corps
22DIAGNOSTIC/TREATMENTLOWELL, Levine CaptainUSINVMWMBrusselsBEL1986Forensic Dentistry
23EXPERIENCESKOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELSCAthensGRC1986Tropical medicine training exercise for US Navy Reservists and Humanitarian Services to the Honduran rural populations
24EXPERIENCESKOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELSCAthensGRC1986Orthopaedic Surgery in Ethiopia
25POLICIESMACKIMMIE, J. CommanderCADELSCAthensGRC1986Casualty handling in a chemical environment
26POLICIESLAPP, Milton C CaptainUSDELSCAthensGRC1986Hospital and hospital ship program of the U.S.Navy
27EXPERIENCESPETERS, J.W. ColonelUSDELSCAthensGRC1986Crimson Warrior/Medical Readiness
28GeneralPOSTIGLIONE, M. CommanderITDELSCAthensGRC1986Malaria; present situation in the world
29RESEARCHDARRE, Erik CaptainDKDELSCAthensGRC1986Mustard gas; toxicologic, clinical and mutagenic aspects based on modern experience
30RESEARCHHenny, Walter MajorNLDELSCAthensGRC1986Thoracic Trauma
31GeneralDERSJANT, P CaptainNLDELSCAthensGRC1986The newly developed Dutch battledress
32ORGANISATIONSTEGALL, Caroll MajorUSDELSCAthensGRC1986United States Air Force Aeromedical
33Generalde MULINEN, F. ColonelCHINVSCAthensGRC1986The Geneva Conventions
34RESEARCHMASTRONUZZI, Girolamo Lieutenant ColonelITINVSCAthensGRC1986Study on the incidence of HBs AG+ amongst patients of a south Italian family doctor
35GeneralROZOS, V. Prof. N/AGRINVSCAthensGRC1986The history of the ten thousand of Xenophon
36GeneralMcALLISTER, C.H. CaptainUSINVMWMBrusselsBEL1987Report on medical staff activities within the International Military Staff
37GeneralGRABAREK, Volker GeneralDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1987Rescue and lifesaving casualty care at the foremost battle area
38RESEARCHWURSTER, Karlheinz Lieutenant ColonelDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1987Morphological results in Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrom (AIDS)
39ORGANISATIONANDERSON, Courtney Brigadier GeneralUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1987Air Force Medical Service
40REMON, Jean Paul CaptainBEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1987Sterilisation under field conditions
41DONOHOO, Stanley CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1987Hospital Ship Mercy (T-AH-19) and Comfort (T-AH-20)
42KOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1987Combat Zone and Communication Zone Fleet Hospitals
43Henny, Walter MajorNLDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Abdominal Trauma
44CAPRIO, A. N/AUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Brachial Artery Spasme Secondary to Supra Condylar Fractura of the Humerus
45HOIER- MADSON, Knud MajorDKDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Missile Wounds to the Brain
46KNUDSEN, Peter Lieutenant CommanderDKDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Traffic Accidents involving Military Jeep and Land-Rover Vehicles
47KERSTEIN, Morris ColonelUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Venous injury, Ligation or Repair, long-term follow up
48ORGANISATIONRYALS, Paula CommanderUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Integration of a Trooper MedicHelicopter Medical Evacuation Programme into a Statewide Pre- Hospital Care system
49LAURITZEN, Jes Bruun Dr. Prof. N/ADKINVSCCopenhagenDNK1987Heart rate response to moderate linear body accelerations; clinical implications in Aero Medical Evacuation
50HARTMAN, K. Lieutenant ColonelUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987The Strain of Requirements on Pilots and their families
51TRAININGSCHAEFER, Norman ColonelUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Overview of upcoming joint exercise of NATO Medical Evacuation
52EXPERIENCESKOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Medical aspects of an international Naval Review
53WARBURG, F. N/ADKINVSCCopenhagenDNK1987Injuries in Civil Parachuting
54WURSTER, Karlheinz ColonelDEDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987The Biological Action of Electromagnetic Irradiation
55KAHLER, H. N/ADKINVSCCopenhagenDNK1987Medical preparedness in connection with destruction of Musterd Gas Shells
56KNUDSEN, Peter Lieutenant CommanderDKDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987The effect of Decontaminant in Wounds
57TRAININGVAUGHN, Clarence ColonelUSDELSCCopenhagenDNK1987Reserve Medical Training for Wartime Responsabilities
58JORGENSEN, B.E. N/ADKINVSCCopenhagenDNK1987Evaluation of th millipore dip-stick method as a simple test for bacteriological screening of drinking water under primitive circumstances
59BRAATHEN, Lasse CaptainNODELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Epidemiological and aetiological aspects of AIDS
60PAUCHARD, Jean-Michel MajorFRDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Aids Prevention in the Army, considerations and practical consequencies
61EROS, Reinhard MajorDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1988Medical Aspects of the Afghanistan conflict
62VAUGHN, Clarence ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Military Blood Program
63DONOHOO, Stanley CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Report of USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) Hospital Ship First Cruise
64Henny, Walter MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Disaster Medecine in the Netherlands
65REMON, Jean Paul CaptainBEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Water treatment under field conditions
66ROODENBURG, Jan MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Development in the treatment of maxillo-facial traumata
67KOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1988Fleet hospital 20 Field Orientation
68KEAGY, Richard H. ColonelUSDELSCLondonUK1988The task of the Veterinary Corps in the US Army
69CARTER, Barbara J. Lieutenant ColonelUSDELSCLondonUK1988Phenomonology of Heat Injury; The Predominance of confusion
70SCHAEFER, Norman ColonelUSDELSCLondonUK1988Aeromedical Evacuation System Reforger 87
71RONSE, Eduard Lieutenant ColonelBEDELSCLondonUK1988Medical Interoperability in NATO
72COULSON, David CaptainCADELSCLondonUK1988Medical Interoperability within NATO
73NEWTON, Kenneth ColonelUSDELSCLondonUK1988Thrombolytic Therapy in acute myocardial infarction in a Community hospital
74OAKLEY, Howard CommanderUKINVSCLondonUK1988Non- Freezing Cold Injury
75SMITH, Doug Dr. N/AUKINVSCLondonUK1988Heat Stress in the Gulf
76SIMMONS, Mike CommanderUKINVSCLondonUK1988Ships Sewage Treatment Plant
77Raffaelli, Philip CommanderUKINVSCLondonUK1988Submarine Escape and Rescue
78PEARSON, Bob CaptainUKINVSCLondonUK1988Deep Diving Medicine
79GeneralEVRARD, E Major GeneralBEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1989The Plaque of Athens (430-427 B.C. )
80HUBER, Stanley J. ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989Tactical Medical Training (Tacstar)
81DONOHOO, Stanley CaptainUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989Official HIV Policies and Programs in the Department of Defence
82BRAATHEN, Lasse CaptainNODELMWMBrusselsBEL1989 Langerhans cells serve as primary target cells for sexually transmitted HIV infection
83Henny, Walter MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989Results of treating hepatic injuries over an 8 years period
84HOIER-MADSEN, Knud MajorDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989The treating of multi- trauma victims
85WURSTER, Karlheinz ColonelDEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989Ophthalmological changes in Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
86TRAININGKAYYE, Paul Rear AdmiralUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1989Officer and Enlisted Training in the Naval Reserve
87GERNGROSZ, Horst Lieutenant ColonelDEINVSCWurzburgDE1989The increasing importance of burns and burn disease as single or multiple injuries in military conflicts during the past decades
88ZELLNER, R. Prof. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Disaster experience with high burn count (Ramstein)
89MEYER-NOACK, L. Dr. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Burning effects of modern weapon systems
90WURSTER, Karlheinz ColonelDEDELSCWurzburgDE1989The pathology of burn and burn disease
91HETTICH, R. Prof. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Clinic and toxicology of burns
92BAUER, J. Dr. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Pathomechanisms in burns biochemistry
93HOLCH, Michael Dr. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989The immunosystem and its response to thermal injury
94BAUER, J. Dr. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Cutaneus 10 Mhz ultrasound B scan; a new diagnostical method for the quantitative asessment of burn depth
95KLAMMER, H.L. ColonelDEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Triage of burn injured
96GeneralKOSLOWSKI, L. Prof. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Therapy and prognosis of burn and burn disease yesterdy and to-day
97ROSE, T. ColonelDEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Rescue and evacuation of burn casualties
98ZELLNER, R. Prof. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Surgical approach to scar contractures after burns
99MEYER-NOACK, L. Dr. N/ADEINVSCWurzburgDE1989Protection from burn in a war scenario
100KROHN, M. Lieutenant ColonelDEINVSCWurzburgDE1989The Bundeswehr Medical Corps equipment for treatment of burns and burn disease
101HUBER, Stanley J. ColonelUSDELSCWurzburgDE1989Wartime Management of Ocular Injuries
102KNUDSEN, Peter CommanderDKDELSCWurzburgDE1989The THV bullet; a comparison of lesions from modern highvelocity and full metal jacket bullets for Police use
103REDENBAUCH, Ruth Lieutenant ColonelUSDELSCWurzburgDE1989Training of USAFR flight nurses
104TRUMP, David S. Major GeneralUSDELSCWurzburgDE1989Reserve Forces Combat Casualty Care Training
105Henny, Walter MajorNLDELSCWurzburgDE1989New concept in the Dutch Army Field Medical Service
106HARTMAN, K. Lieutenant ColonelUSDELSCWurzburgDE1989Psychological considerations in aircraft accidents
107STRADER, R.J. Brigadier GeneralUSDELSCWurzburgDE1989Army Dental Corps Mobilisation Plants
108BRAATHEN, Lasse CaptainNODELSCWurzburgDE1989HIV-Infection of Epidermal Langerhans Cells in Symptom-free HIV-positives
109GONZALES, J. Prof. N/ANOINVSCWurzburgDE1989Coping with AIDS in the military: using computerbased education models to help prevent the spread of HIV in the ranks
110GeneralSCHONER, Gerhard Brigadier GeneralDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1990Medical Service in NATO
111HUBER, Stanley J. ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1990Ocular injuries resulting from military Lasers
112HOIER-MADSEN, Knud MajorDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1990Evaluation of live medical exercises; does it help?
113PAUCHARD, Jean-Michel Lieutenant ColonelFRDELMWMBrusselsBEL1990Medical Disaster planning
114FUSSING, Thorkil MajorDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1990On Oculo- Gravic illusions
115van ERP, Willem MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1990Report of his Stay in Soudan and in Roumania for the Red Cross
116AUSTIN, Thomas ColonelUKDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Pain relief on the battlefield
117HOIER-MADSEN, Knud MajorDKDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Inadvertent perforation of the lung after tube thoracostomy
118RYALS, Paula CommanderUSDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Field Evaluation of DEPMEDS Equipment
119BUTSON, A.R.C ColonelCADELSCCalgaryCAN1990A comparison of survival of gun shot wound cusualties
120KOHL, E.J. CaptainUSDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Window of an Afghan war
121Henny, Walter MajorNLDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Injuries to the pancreas
122GELISH, A. MajorUSINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Filmless medical imaging for military medicine
123GeneralKNIGHT, Charles Rear AdmiralCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Unified Medical Services; a historical perspective
124BURT, Charles Lieutenant ColonelCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Paecetime Medical Support structure and health promotion activities
125SHANNON, M.E. CaptainCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Operational Medical Support for contingency militry and peacekeeping operations
126BULLOCK, C Lieutenant ColonelCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Canadian Forces dental care program
127McCAULEY, P. ColonelCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990A single medical training system for the sea, land and air components of the Canadian Forces
128BROOKS, C.J. CaptainCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Human Factors research and development
129GAGNÉ, Marielle ColonelCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Combat related employment of women: the medical challenge
130JACOBS, Ira Dr. N/ACAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Physiological considerations for women in combat
131GeneralSCHADEWALD, Hans CaptainDEINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Historical perspectives of women in the Forces
132GeneralTACKITT, Patricia CommanderUSDELSCCalgaryCAN1990The growth and future of women in the US Armed Forces
133GeneralDE PICCIOTTO, Marcel CaptainFRDELSCCalgaryCAN1990Women and Army: history, status, careers and physiological aspects
134GeneralMARSHALL, T.D. Lieutenant ColonelCAINVSCCalgaryCAN1990Medical ethics and the Military
135KAYYE, Paul Rear AdmiralUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1991Naval Reserve medical assets in the Gulf
136FUSSING, Thorkil MajorDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1991Another method for equilibration of middle ear gas pressure
137DE PICCIOTTO, Marcel CaptainFRDELMWMBrusselsBEL1991Casualty Triage; which rules should we apply?
138GeneralHenny, Walter MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1991Re- inventing the Wheel
139Henny, Walter MajorNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1991Emergency and Disaster Medicine in the Netherlands
140DAUPHINEE, Wayne Lieutenant ColonelCADELSCParisFRA1991Stretching the resources;medical support for Canadian’s militarycommitment to the Golf War
141ESCH, Walter Lieutenant ColonelBEDELSCParisFRA1991A cableless image-transfer for Ultra-sound and C-arm applications
142PAAR, Othmar Lieutenant CommanderDEDELSCParisFRA1991The complex traumatic lesions of knee capsule and ligaments
143DE PICCIOTTO, Marcel CaptainFRDELSCParisFRA1991Proposition for a new evolutive front line medical record sheet
144PULCINELLI, Mario Lieutenant GeneralITDELSCParisFRA1991Rescue Organization for nuclear peace time accidents
145RUCCI, Elio CaptainITDELSCParisFRA1991Emergency Medical Service at Football World Cup 1990
146UNDEUTSCH, Klaus ColonelDEDELSCParisFRA1991Does ‘Mitral Valve Prolapse’influence the militry availability of soldiers?
147ZIMMERMAN, Richard CaptainUSDELSCParisFRA1991A Desert Storm Lesson; Dependent’s Support
148CUDENNEC, L. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991L’action du Service de Santé des Armées au cours de l’Opération DAGUET
149GUELAIN, F. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991La Bioforce Militaire
150DE SAINT JULIEN, A. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991L’équipe Médicle Militaire d’Intervention Rapide a Kousseri
151FLANDRIN, D. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991L’Opération ACANTHE au LIBAN
152FLANDRIN, D. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991Le Maillon Maritime
153KALFON, A. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991Les Evacuation aériennes de l’Opération ACANTHE au LIBAN
154JULIEN, S. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991La médicalisation des catastrophes ferroviaires par la Brigade des Sapeurs- Pompiers de Paris
155CHEVALIER, Th. ColonelFRINVSCParisFRA1991Le secours en situation de catastrophe naturelle
156GeneralFISHER, Thomas ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992To insure adequate care and to achieve quality assurance, during Reserve field training
157SANDIDGE, William ColonelUSINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992AMEDD Reserve component support of Desert Shield/Storm
158McNISH, Thomas ColonelUSINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992Command Surgeon overview of US Air Force Reserve participation in Operation Desert Shield/Storm
159PHENEY, Hal CaptainUSINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992NAVY Medical Department performance in Operation Desert Shield/Storm
160KEAGY, Richard H. ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992The use of Veterinary Reserve Officer, during Desert Shield/Storm
161HUBER, Stanley J. ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992Experience of the 446 USAF Clinic during Desert Shield/Storm
162RYALS, Paula CommanderUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992Naval Reserve Fleet Hospitals making it through the Storm
163REDENBAUCH, Ruth Lieutenant ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992Preparing for deployment, deployed problems, redeployment
164SCHAEFER, Norman ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992The experience of the 33rd Aeromedical Patient Staging Squadron in the recent Persian Gulf conflict
165HAMMER, Wade ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1992The 382nd Field Hospital experience in the Riyahd area
166JONES, G.R. ColonelUKINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992The experience, problems and lessons learned by the 205 General Hospital RAMC deployed to Riyahd
167STANWORTH, Peter Lieutenant ColonelUKINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992British experience in the Gulf conflict
168BRUYS, Adrie Lieutenant CommanderNLINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992The Dutch Naval presence in the Gulf
169SCHAAPVELD BRUYS, Benedikte Lieutenant CommanderNLINVMWMBrusselsBEL1992Experience on board HMS Zuiderkruis during the Gulf War
170VOSSEN, P. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Triage, a practical solution to realistic medical training
171GeneralDE BOER, J. ColonelNLINVSCBredaNLD1992Developments in civil-military cooperation
172BEERSTECHER, H.P.J. Brigadier GeneralNLINVSCBredaNLD1992Joint civil military planning in NATO
173ROBINSON, P.H. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Free flap surgery of the head and the neck
174VAN OORT, R.P. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation in the head and the neck
175DIKKERS, F.G. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Phonosurgery- surgry restoring the voice
176ANNYAS, A.A. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Rehabilitation after total laryngectomy
177HOVIUS, S.E.R. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Treatment of soft tissue injuries
178VAN DER PEYL, J. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Amputations of the lower extremities
179HOKKEN, W. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Advances in prothesis
180ZWAAN, A. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992The myoelectrical prosthesis
181SCHOUTEN, R.W. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Faecal incontinence
182VAN ASBECK, F.W.A. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Sexuality after spinal cord injury
183SNOEK, G.J. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Pressure sores A.D. 1992
184ANGENOT, E.L.D. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992 Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury
185WILLEMS, J. ColonelBEINVSCBredaNLD1992Chemical Lesions of the skin, e.g. mustard gas poisoning
186VRANCKEN, P.H. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992The psychological aspects of physical disability
187ADMIRAAL, P.V. Dr. N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Paintreatment in the long run
188DE GRAAFF, TH N/ANLINVSCBredaNLD1992Chronic posttraumatic stress disorder in military veterans: pathogenesis, clinical features and treatment
189ROBINET, Jacques Lieutenant ColonelFRDELSCBredaNLD1992Rehabilitation of veterans in France
190KAYYE, Paul Rear AdmiralUSDELSCBredaNLD1992Caring for the aging veteran
191OTTO, Gerhard Dr. N/ADEINVSCBredaNLD1992Caring for our veterans; present situation in Germany
192ALLWOOD, Michael CaptainUKDELSCBredaNLD1992Caring for Veterans in the U.K.
193MEINES, T Major GeneralNLINVSCBredaNLD1992Care for veterans: government obligation or private enterprise
194AUSTIN, Thomas ColonelUKDELSCBredaNLD1992Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support
195PARLOTZ, Robert Lieutenant ColonelUSINVSCBredaNLD1992The traumatic stress syndromes; Issues of hardiness and resilience
196GeneralRUCCI, Elio MajorITDELSCBredaNLD1992The law of war and the Armed Forces
197PUGLIA, Ettore First CaptainITDELSCBredaNLD1992Problems of mass resuscitation
198KREIBICH, R. First CaptainDEDELSCBredaNLD1992Drug- production by the Armed Forces; Is it still necessary?
199PULCINELLI, Mario First CaptainITDELSCBredaNLD1992Problems posed by mass immigration: the Italian experience
200DE PICCIOTTO, Marcel First CaptainFRDELSCBredaNLD1992Disaster rescue planning and disaster exercise in France
201CLEMENT, J. First CaptainBEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1993Hanta virus disease; a new zoonosis for the military?
202RUCCI, Elio First CaptainITDELMWMBrusselsBEL1993Humanity in the midst of war. International Law and Naval Warfare
203HOIER-MADSON, Knud First CaptainDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1993Late deah after thoracic trauma – why?
204KNUDSEN, Peter CommanderDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1993Terminal ballistics of 7.62 mm NATO bullet; autopsy findings
205HUBER, Stanley J. ColonelUSDELMWMBrusselsBEL1993AFRES Clinics; postmobilization critics and recommendations
206KENERLEBER, H. CaptainDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1993German military medical support in Kurdistan
207Henny, Walter Lieutenant ColonelNLDELMWMBrusselsBEL1993Reservist, what now?
208ALDERMAN, Michael N/AUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Consensus on Hypertension Cause and Management
209PULCINELLI, Mario Lieutenant GeneralITDELSCWashingtonUS1993The Military Pharmaceutical Institute
210HOKE, Charles ColonelUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Hepatitus A vaccine Development in the US Army
211WOOD, D.P, CommanderUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Diagnosis and management of gronic pelvic pain
212JOHNSON, Clifford ColonelUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Mission and structure of the US Veterinary Service
213CRYSTIE, Ian N/AUKINVSCWashingtonUS1993False positive malarial test in HIV positive patients
214MASTRONUZZI, Girolamo Lieutenant ColonelITDELSCWashingtonUS1993Is it right to have doping done in the Armed Forces
215PUGLIA, Ettore First CaptainITDELSCWashingtonUS1993Prevention and medicolegl provisions in drug-addicts and HIV infection in the Italian Army
216ATACK, David ColonelUSDELSCWashingtonUS1993Periodontal Screening and Recording
217BRICKLEY, Linda L. MajorUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Civil Reserve Air Fleet- Aeromedical evaluation shipsets
218VOGEL, Berthold MajorDEDELSCWashingtonUS1993Severe burn injuries; principles in medical treatment and logistical management in Germany
219BRICKLEY, Linda L. MajorUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Spinal Cord Injury Transport Systems (SCITS)
220PAAR, Othmar Lieutenant CommanderDEDELSCWashingtonUS1993Unstable pelvic ring injury: management and prognosis
221SHARON, Danny J. MajorUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Simulation Modeling of USAF Combat Casualty Care
222RODIG, Erich ColonelDEDELSCWashingtonUS1993Results and management of pathological lipoprotein concentrations and other cardiovascular risk factors in military pilots of the German Federal Armed Forces
223FUSSING, Thorkil MajorDKDELSCWashingtonUS1993Autokinetic motion
224SHURMAN, Mark V. CaptainUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Development of the Field Medical Laser System (FMLS)
225NOLAN, Brian T. Lieutenant ColonelUSINVSCWashingtonUS1993Can soldiers identify colors after laser exposure
226BARDRUM, Benny Lieutenant CommanderDKDELSCWashingtonUS1993On-line asessment of a multi-national medical exercise,by use of a new concept and a computer program
227AUSTIN, Thomas ColonelUKDELSCWashingtonUS1993Changing military medical concepts involving aid to the civilian population
228SCHOETTLER, Horst Lieutenant ColonelDEDELSCWashingtonUS1993Guidelines of the use of Military & Civil Defense Assets in Disaster Relief Operations
229Henny, Walter Lieutenant ColonelNLDELSCWashingtonUS1993Training for out-of-Area operations in the Dutch Armed Forces
230DE ANGELIS, Mauro LieutenantITDELSCWashingtonUS1993Italian Mission in Somalia
231RUCCI, Elio MajorITDELSCWashingtonUS1993Operation Pelicano: a powerful aid to the Albanian People
232KREIBICH, Reiner ColonelDEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1994The experiences of the German Contingent in Somalia
233KNUDSEN, Peter CommanderDKDELMWMBrusselsBEL1994Accidents before and after the introduction of a new fourwheel drive terrain vehicle in the Danish Forces
234SCHOETTLER, Horst Lieutenant ColonelDEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1994Civilian disasters in Bangladesh
235UNDEUTSCH, Klaus ColonelDEDELMWMBrusselsBEL1994Myocardial infarction is not necessarily a reason for separation
236BRAATHEN, Lasse Lieutenant ColonelNODELMWMBrusselsBEL1994Discussed ways of transmission of AIDS
237KNOCHE, Heinz ColonelDEINVMWMBrusselsBEL1994Effects of having a civilian Health Service and a military Health Service in parallel
238SUY, Eric Prof. N/ABEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Some of the pitfalls of humanitarian assistance and intervention
239ANDRIES, M. N/ABEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Juridical approach: the late breaches in humanitarian law
240PIRSON, A. MajorBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994First Medical Echelon in a humanitarian mission in IRAN
241DAUBRESSE, Daniel MajorBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Infield surgical experience and anaesthesia in Africa
242HERION, L. CadetBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Field expirience of the general practitioner in hamunitarian civilian and military operations
243QUINTIJN, A.J.M. CadetBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Approach of nonfunctional stress in high risk missions
244DE SCHUYTENEER, G. CaptainBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Logistical supplies in humanitarian missions
245COLEAS, P.M. CadetBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Report about the Restore Hope mission in Somalia
246BELLANGER, C.G. MajorBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Chemical disarmament in IRAQ
247VANDEKERKHOVE, T. Dr. N/ABEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Endoscopic Neurosurgery
248PAILLET, P. LieutenantBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Plaut Vincent’s stomatitis observed in wartime conditions in former Jugoslavia
249LEFEVRE, R. Dr. N/ABEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Anaethesia simulator for medical and paramedical personnel training
250LISON, S. MajorBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Neuromuscular effects caused by organo- phosphorous
251GALA, J.L. CaptainBEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Infections in Burn Victims
252HENDRICKX, Walter Lieutenant ColonelBEDELSCLeuvenBEL1994Wishful role of the Vet Services in the Army
253VLAGES, J. N/ABEINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Dropping techniques
254HAERS, Paul LieutenantBEDELSCLeuvenBEL1994Emergency plan of the regional hospital
255HENDRICKX, Walter Lieutenant ColonelBEDELSCLeuvenBEL1994Future for the Belgian Reserve Medical Corps
256RUCCI, Elio MajorITDELSCLeuvenBEL1994Guiding principles on the right to humanitarian assistance
257DE ANGELIS, Mauro LieutenantITDELSCLeuvenBEL1994Blood donation and transfusion in Italy; new organization and legislation
258FAUNER, M. Dr. N/ADKINVSCLeuvenBEL1994The effect of intensive training combined with intake of anabolic steriods
259Henny, Walter Lieutenant ColonelNLDELSCLeuvenBEL1994BATLS (NL): Training military medical personnel
260PULCINELLI, Mario Lieutenant GeneralITDELSCLeuvenBEL1994The disadaptation of young people to the military life
261SOLANO, G. Dr. N/AITINVSCLeuvenBEL1994Italian expeditions to Antarctica
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