December 8, 2023
WHAT’S NEW ? Medical care is evolving all the time and so is medical care in the field. Experiences lead to new ideas; new ideas to try-outs. And finally to new guidelines. To give you information on “what’s been learned” OMC is coming up with a new initiative: a small group from OMC is searching the literature in order to provide an overview of articles on care in the field: from the point of injury to reception at the Role 2 MTF, including the Role 1 Facility and transportation. The plan is to publish a selection of recent and relevant articles every 2 months. The first selection, which covers 2020 is now available on the CIOMR website. The initiative is a work in progress and the format may change in the coming months; suggestions and advice are welcome and also if you want to become involved in the project, contact Col Walter HENNY MD   You can find the new page under resources or directly here