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Summer Congress - Prague

983. Flt.Lt Judy Dunn (UK)

  • Physiotherapy: More than just a sportsbag with a magic sponge!

981. Cdr Dr Stef Stienstra (NL)

  • Cooperation in public health to fight infectious diseases in developing countries is good for the global economy

980. Maj / Médecin Principal (R) Dr. Jean CATINEAU, MD (FR)

  • Utilisation de la reserve medicale dans les crises migratoires et/ou en cas de
    catastrophes naturelles| Calling on French medical reserves during natural
    disasters or migration crisis (French)

979. Dr. Ibolja Cernak, MD, PhD, ME, MHS (CA)

  • Blast-induced Neurotrauma: Acute and Chronic Consequences

978. BG Gerald Griffin, U.S. Army (ret)

  • Autologous white blood cell infusion for trauma

977. Surg Cdr D.P Whitehouse (UK)

  • OP GRITROCK – The West African ebola outbreak and a UK Royal Navy reservist’s
    experience as part of the UK’s response in Sierra Leone

976. Cpt. Gareth HIDE (ZA)

  • The University Reserve Officer Training Programme, South Africa

975. Maj Stuart Neilson (UK)

  • The Role of the Reservist

974. Dr. Ibolja Cernak, MD, PhD, ME, MHS (CA)

  • Resilience Decline Caused by Chronic Operational Stress

973. Col Prof. Kevin Davies (UK)(DEL)

  • Interoperability in Enhancing Resilience: An example of Joint Working in Wales
    Col Prof. Kevin Davies (UK), President CIOMR

972. Christo Motz (NL)(INV)

971. Col Prof. Milos Bohonek (CZ)

970. LtCol Prof. Dr. Arie B. van Vugt (NL)(DEL)

969. Col (Retd) Dr. Heidi Doughty (UK)(INV)

  • Taking transfusion forward: Current perspectives in military transfusion

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968. Maj Dr. Iain M. Smith RAMC, (UK)

  • Mechanisms and Pathophysiology of Combat Injury
Mid - Winter Meeting - Ghent

967. THOMPSON, William Col (USA)(INV)

  • Prolonged Field Care PFC): Lessons from special operations – applied to Terrorism in your backyard

966. JORDAN, Janet Capt (UK)(INV)

  • Managing obesity as part of the recovery pathway

965. LUNDIN, Christina Capt (DK)(INV)

  • Risk of post-traumatic stress disorder among Danish junior medical officers deployed to Afghanistan is
    not increased


  • TBI Awareness for Providers & Leaders

963. STAMATELOPOULOS, Athanasios Capt. (GRE)(DEL)

  • Dealing with humanitarian crisis: The refugee invasion in Greece and the challenge for the Helenic

962. PAMART, Philippe LTC (FRA)(DEL)

  • La montée en puissance des services de soins français face à la menace terroriste / Against terrorist
    attacks on its soil the French answer

961. MORGAND, Denis Col (FRA)(INV)

  • The French Military Health Reserves and the set-up of the National Guard following the 2015-2016
    terrorist attacks on French soil

960. BORGERS, Guy Col (BEL)(INV)

  • Terrorist Attacks of 22nd March 2016 in Brussels

959. MERGNY, Eric Col (BEL)(INV)

  • CBRN Aspects in Terrorist Menace

958. VAN VUGT, Arie LTC (NED)(DEL)

  • The Dutch experience: Surgical teams, the cooperation of reservists and the professional military
    medical services

957. BRICKNELL, Martin MGen (UK)(INV)

  • Utility of Reserves in the NATO Medical Force


  • Framework Nations Concept (FNC) and Multinational Medical Coordination Centre (MMCC)
Summer Congress - Spain

955. BRUNO, Patricio (US) (DEL)

  • Psychological and physical aspects of resiliency training for US forces

954. KNUDSEN, Peter (DK) (DEL)

  • Military Forensic Medicine in Denmark

953. MACKAY, Helen Maj (UK) (DEL)

  • Military Medical History – James Barry

952. HONING, Jan 1st LT (DK) (DEL)

  • Re-thinking Danish Naval Medical Standard Operating Procedures

951. BANKS, Graham SqLdr (UK) (DEL)

  • Value and Effect of Protective Systems against IED

950. DAVIES, Simon LtCol (UK) (DEL)

  • Lessons Learnt from Military Ops in to Civilian Healthcare

949. DIDUCA, Dominique Col (BEL) (DEL)

  • Standardization of acute trauma care: Does it exist? Does it work? Part 2

948. HENNY, Walter Col (NED) (DEL)

  • Standardization of acute trauma care: Does it exist? Does it work? Part 1

947. VAN VUGT, Arie LTC (NED) (DEL)

  • CRM in an Austere Environment

946. THIBERT, Mark LTC (CAN) (DEL)

  • The initial management of modern ballistic injuries

945. DAVIES, Simon LtCol (UK) (DEL)

  • The European trauma course and its applicability to the military

944. HENNY, Walter Col (NED) (DEL)

  • Military Trauma Care: Are We Doing Better ? Can We Do Better ?

943. GONZALEZ, Federico Col (FR) (INV)

  • Emergency management of battlefield injuries: International common practices and French

942. TRINH, Tri Col (UK) (DEL)

  • Agile Strategic Planning and Execution

941. ALMOND,Mike WgCdr (UK) (INV)

  • Deployed renal replacement therapy in support of surgical teams and disaster management

940. MACKAY, Helen Maj (UK) (DEL)

  • Collaboration across boundaries: Multinational working

939. SHAMMAS, Kathy LtCdr (UK) (DEL)

  • Does Kings College Hospital require a guideline for the placement of thoracic epidurals in Chest Trauma?

938. KASULKE, Robert MGen (US) (DEL)

  • Major advances in battlefield medicine and surgery as a result of mega clinical data mining and distribution to the battlefield clinicians


  • Challenges of Medical Support to Operations: Spanish Ongoing Initiatives

936. ABADIA, Hernandez LTC (SP) (INV)

  • Current Operations


  • Structure of the Spanish Military Health System
Mid - Winter Meeting - Brussels

934. TRINH, Tri LTC (US) (DEL)

  • U.S. Air Force Reserve Medical Entitlement Policy

933. KNUDSEN, Peter Cdr (DK) (DEL)

  • Civilian-military cooperation in forensic odontology in southern Denmark

932. BRUNO, Patricio LTC (US) (DEL)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Late onset presentation in geriatric veterans

931. WINTER, Kasper 1LT (DK) (DEL)

  • LUCAS™2 in Danish search and rescue

930. GRIFFIN, Gerald BGen (US) (DEL)

  • Introduction to medical leadership

929. TRUDGEON, Helen Flt Lt (UK) (INV)

  • Responding to Ebola. Utilizing reservists to enable and enhance service delivery. A
    personal perspective

928. VERGET-LARROUGET, Claude Col (FR) (INV)

  • Role of reservists within the French military health service

927. STIENSTRA, Stef Cdr (NL) (INV)

  • Investing in public health gives – especially in low-income countries – extremely impressive

926. GIBSON, Patricia LtCol (UK) (INV)

  • Op Gritrock: A personal view

925. BRUNO, Patricio LTC (US) (DEL)

  • Bridging the gap: Medical simulation- from battle dress to scrubs


  • Recruiting the medical reserves – UK challenges & perspectives

923. KASULKE, Robert MAJGEN (US) (DEL)

  • The logistic and legal challenges to military – civilian Integration in the United States
Summer Congress - Sofia

922. DIMITROV, Aleksandar COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Bulgarian MTFs intended to Provide Care in Disaster Situations”

921. KANEV, Kamen COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Antidotes: The Role of the Pharmacy in Medical Response in Crisis”


  • “Emergency Medical Preparedness in Cases of Chemical Terrorism”

919. SAMNALIEV, Ivan (BGR) (INV)

  • “Assessment of a Newly Synthetized Bispyridinium Dialdoxime as Cholinesterase Reactivator in Soman Poisoned Rats”

918. SAMNALIEV, Ivan (BGR) (INV)

  • “Comparison of the Re-activating Potency of Newly Synthetized Cholinesterase Reactivators”


  • “DNBI Sustained by Bulgarian Military Personnel in Missions Abroad”


  • “Evidence-based Lessons from Chemical Events”

915. DIMOV, Dimo Col (BGR) (INV)

  • “Non-cholinergic Effects of Acute Organophosphorous Poisoning”

914. DIMITROV, Aleksandar COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “Contribution of the Military Medical Academy to the Improvement of Medical Support during Disaster Relief and Missions Abroad”


  • “Contemporary Organization of Specialized Toxological Support during Industrial Accidents”

912. KANEV, Kamen COL (BGR) (INV)

  • “The Role of Antidotes (Auto-injectors) in Crisis”

911. DIDUCA, Dominique COL (BEL) (DEL)

  • “Prepared for Crisis Management Operations Education, Training and Exercise with Reservists”
  • (Download PDF)


  • “CBRN risk preparedness and response: lessons learned from Ebola outbreak”
  • (Download PDF)

909. MARTELET, Francois COL (FRA) (DEL)

  • “Use of Lyophilized Plasma in Tactical Casualty Care”

908. PAMART, Philippe LtCol (FRA) (DEL)

  • “The Centre for Education and Simulation Operational Medicine (CESimMO) and operational preparation: the French touch”
  • (Download PDF)

907. BERTRAM, Ian 2nd Lt (UK) (INV)

  • “Medical, military and scientific realities of the evolving CBRN suicide bomber threat”
  • (Download PDF)

906. MACKAY, Helen Major (UK) (INV)

  • “Improving Communication by the Orthopaedic Surgeon”
  • (Download PDF)

905. LAWSON, Lorrie Sq Ldr (UK) (INV)

  • “Is lactate an effective biochemical indicator of severe injury in children with major trauma?” Sqn Ldr Lorrie Lawton RAF Reserve (UK).
  • (Download PDF)

904. BANKS, Graham Sq Ldr (UK) (DEL)

  • “MIMMS:a personal experience of its application (Indian Embassy bombing, Kabul, July 2008)”
  • (Download PDF)

903. HENNY, Walter COL (NL) (DEL)

  • “Adult Learning in the Military: Is It Different?”
  • (Download PDF)

902. DAVIES, Kevin COL (UK) (DEL)

901. KASULKE, Robert MG (USA) (DEL)

  • “The Development, Use and Clinical Impact of the US Army AMEDD Trauma Tracking system”
  • (Download PDF)
Mid - Winter Meeting - Brussels


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