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SC-18 – Quebec City Canada

“Training & Education towards Civil-Military Cooperation in relation to Humanitarian Emergencies, Terrorism & War – Lessons learned”

SC – Abstract


MWM-18 – Brussels

“Military & Civil Cooperation in Support of Natural Disasters, Emerging and or Declared Crises or Wars.”

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SC-17 – Prague, Czech

“Reserve Medical Planning and Participation in the Current Migration Crisis and Natural Disasters”


MWM-17 – Ghent, Belgium

“#1 Terrorism, emergency surgery, and first responder medicine from the battlefield or your backyard”
“#2 The reservist contribution to force generation”

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SC-15 – Sofia, Bulgaria (Missing)

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SC-12 – Copenhagen, Denmark

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SC-11 – Warsaw, Poland

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2009 – Brussels (Missing)

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SC-08 – Istanbul, Turkey (Missing)

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