Scientific Meeting 68th CIOMR Summer Congress – Final Agenda

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is the final agenda for the Thursday scientific sessions.

0800-1700 Scientific Sessions
0745-0800 Introduction – Maj. Nils Drews – Chairman Elect
0800-0830 The Development, Use and Clinical Impact of the US Army AMEDD Trauma Tracking system MG Kasulke (USA)
0830-0900 The HALO Trust Col. Kevin Davies (UK)
0900-0930    Adult Learning in the Military: Is It Different? Col. Walter Henny, (NL)
0930-1000 “MIMMS” – a personal experience of its application (Indian Embassy bombing, Kabul, July 2008) Sqn Ldr Graham Banks (UK)
1000-1040      Coffee Break
1045-1115 Is lactate an effective biochemical indicator of severe injury in children with major trauma?” Sqn Ldr Lorrie Lawton RAF Reserve (UK).
1115-1145 Improving Communication by the Orthopaedic Surgeon Maj Helen Mackay (UK)
1145-1315 Lunch
1315-1400    Medical, military and scientific realities of the evolving CBRN suicide bomber threat. 2nd Lt Ian Bertram, Royal Army Medical Corps. (UK).
1400-1430 The Centre for Education and Simulation Operational Medicine (CESimMO)

and operational preparation: the French touch. Col. Philippe Pamart (France)

1430-1500 Use of Lyophilized plasma in Tactical Casualty Care Col. Francois Martelet, MD (France)
1500-1530 Coffee break
1530-1615 CBRN risk preparedness and response: lessons learned from ebola outbreak

Cdr Steff Strienstra

1615-1645 Prepared for Crisis Management Operations Education, Training and Exercise with Reservists Col. Dominique DiDuca
1800-2200 Bulgarian Evening

Kind regards,

Chris Rankin