May 27, 2024

The anticipated instructions for our upcoming CIOMR/CIOR/CISOR Tallin Summer Congress (SC24) have arrived.

First, the invitation:

To: All CIOMR Heads of Delegations, Members, Dear Colleagues, Guests, and Guest Speakers.


Sirs, Ma’ams and Colleagues.

It is with very great pleasure that we invite you to participate and attend the Joint CIOR, CIOMR and CISOR Summer Congress 2024.

The main event will occur during the period 29 July to 02 August 2024. Please note that subsidiary events (and their programmes such as JMROW, Milcomp and CIMIC) may have a slightly alternated start dates and timeline. If you need any assistance from the CIOMR Board to have national support to attend, please contact the Secretary General.

The CIOMR has structured a varied program with sessions focused on military medicine and scientific aspects, operational medical themes, global health engagement, parallel and partly joint sessions with the Junior Medical Reserve Officer Workshop, and of course our Executive Council. In essence, the program will particularly focus on NATO and COMEDS priorities of Care Far Forward/AI/ Remote Medicine. It will highlight new developments in military medicine and put these into an operational setting. The Congress will having a global health overview, and give our Junior Medical Reserve Officers a strong introduction to strategic planning at a NATO-level. It should be something for everyone to enjoy.

The SC 24 website with full information is here:

However, for ease and greater emphasis, please refer to the accompanying Warning Order where you will find what we believe is the essential information (accommodation, registration, schedule) for SC 24.

We look forward to seeing and hosting you in Tallinn!

Johan S Munch Jason English

Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel

President CIOMR Secretary General CIOMR

And now, the SC24 Warning Order:



1. The above event will take place as detailed in the SC 24 Invitation (which accompanies this Warning Order). The main event will occur during the period 29 July to 02 August 2024. The SC 24 website with full information is here: Please note that subsidiary events (and their programmes), will see the overall SC likely run on an alternate schedule. Virtual participation will be supported in some working sessions.


2. General. SC 24 will be held as follows:

a. Main Event. CIOMR Council sessions and Committee meetings – Monday, 29 July until Friday, 2 August at the Mövenpick Hotel Tallinn, or Radisson Blu Olümpia Hotel.

b. The Military Competition (MILCOMP) and thereby support to the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) competition element, will take place at the Estonian Defence League, Männiku shooting range

3. Programme. The broad programme, which is as follows: Saturday to Sunday 27-28 July


Monday 29 July

Operational Medicine Workshop and Program,

Opening Ceremony Freedom Square in Tallinn

Tuesday 30 July

Scientific Sessions and Executive Meetings

Wednesday 31 July

Global Health Engagement Presentations

Thursday 01 August

CIOR Symposium, Scientific Sessions

Friday 02 August,

TCCC portion of MILCOMP

Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Please note that the above is subject to change. Broad (overall) programmes for the joint event are in italicized font and are set dates and timings. The detailed CIOMR and JMROW Programme will be finalized and issued upon completion of the In-Between Meeting in May 2024 after site visits in Estonia.

4. Committee Progress Reports. Committees must be ready to present their current status report, plans and budget requests for FY24/25 to the Council. Documents must be sent NLT 1 week in advance to CIOMR Secretary General.

5. Travel Arrangements. Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (TLL) offers direct flights from/to many destinations around the world. Tallinn can also be reached by sea with connections from Sweden, Finland and Germany. Travel Documents: You are strongly encouraged to check your passport validity and

associated travel documents before you travel. This includes ticketing. Passports that expire within 6 months of travel will likely not be accepted.

6. Accommodation. Unless directed otherwise by National Association, Federation or MOD/DOD, CIOMR participants accommodation is reserved to book at Mövenpick Hotel Tallinn. Additional accommodation is available at the Olümpia Hotel and Ibis Hotel (cheapest) where the YROW are staying. See for details.

7. Registration and Fees. Registration. The early registration period allows for a discounted fee, and will be open from 8 April until 12 May. Main registration with the regular fee will be from 13 May until 19 July. All participants must register through Fienta online registration using the link provided below.

Each SC24 participant must register and buy a ticket on Fienta. Tickets must be purchased, and invoices paid before the event. The ticket will be sent after the payment is received. People without registration are not permitted to participate. Be prepared to present your ticket digitally or on paper!

Early bird registration is from 8 April until 12 May with discount fees:

• JMROW participant 485 EUR

• CIOMR delegate 595 EUR

• Delegate at Large package (DAL) 240 EUR

From 13 May to 19 July regular registration fees apply:

• JMROW participant 550 EUR

• CIOMR delegate 690 EUR

• Delegate at Large package (DAL) 260 EUR

Registration links can be found here: use the code ilves2024.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be honored until the end of the registration period. After the registration period ends, no refunds will be issued. A processing fee of 25 € will be deducted from every refund request, regardless of the ticket type or price. This processing fee covers administrative costs associated with processing the refund request. To request a refund, please contact our support team at Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used during the registration process. Please allow up to 14 days for the refund to be processed and reflected in your account.

8. Dress. The following uniform is required:

a. Dress Codes:

Opening Ceremony – Service (office) Dress or black tie.

CIOMR Working sessions – Service (office) Dress or business suit. Study Trips and other visits – Service (office) Dress or business suit. CIMEX and MILCOMP (TCCC) – combat uniform.

JMROW/YROW – Service Dress short sleeves, if not available, combat dress is acceptable Gala Dinner- Mess Uniform or Dress Uniform.

9. Meals: Lunch for Summer Congress participants is served at the Radisson Blu Olümpia Hotel and/or Mövenpick Hotel Tallinn (confirmed if one or both locations at IBM4). Lunch and coffee are included in the ticket. Breakfast and dinner are each participants own responsibility.

10. Host Nation Support and POC:

Logistics: Lt Col Kaupo Kiis asgops@cior.netI

T: 2nd Lt Anton Näreinen Fienta

and support desk:

SO 2nd Lt Anton Näreinen

CIOR office: ASG org LT SG Mari Uuemaa CIOMR office: ASG org MAJ Katie Odom

11. All questions may be addressed to the undersigned.

Jason English

J English

Lieutenant Colonel (OF4) Secretary General CIOMR

K Odom Maj (OF-3)

Assistant Secretary General CIOMR